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Group Coaching for Female Soloprenueurs

I've been listening to my Solopreneur clients. They need more clarity in the direction of their life and business, more self-belief, and WAY more support!

I want to offer you a Free 8-page Worksheet that will help you:

  • Goal set using an ALTERNATIVE to Smart Goals
  • Create a vision that is aspirational vs. realistic
  • Identify mental blocks that keep sliding you back into old habits
  • Connect with resources to get the support you need for 2024
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Solopreneur clients . . .

You want it all! You can do it all! But . . .

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  • You are not confident that your current direction is the way forward
  • You keep sacrificing your health or self-care for your clients
  • You waiver between self-belief & self-doubt
  • You are doing it all yourself and are exhausted
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The Myth of SMART Goals

  • Goals that are too achievable and realistic can prevent you from taking bold action. People need challenges to stay motivated. "Lean away from the probability and into the possibility of life. This is how we raise the bar and achieve success." Dr. Srini Pillay
  • Being too specific can set you up for not meeting your expectations. Sometimes creating a window is more realistic. 
  • A time goal doesn't always allow for other obligations. Life is full of things you need to do and roles you play, not just one task.
  • You need to account for glitches. Things very often don't go smoothly, and you need to figure out what will happen to keep you from being discouraged. We need our goals to be flexible!
  • This method doesn't often work in matters of personal growth, which is on a continuum.
  • There is no mention of how the goal will be achieved.
  • It can be stressful due to the restrictions involved. Right?!

Source: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/smart-goals-alternative/


Let's Try An Alternative to SMART GOALS


Hi I’m Taylor,

your new Group coach.

I’ve seen students and clients set linear goals and not achieve them. We need another non-linear way to look at goal setting and to remove the inner barriers that are stopping success.

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"Taylor creates the most amazing container for growth and community. If you are looking to find support and frameworks to move forward on your personal and professional development, I highly recommend joining one of her groups. It's the missing ingredient to your success!"

Tiffany, Owner of a Digital Marketing Firm

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“I made a huge change in my life that I don’t foresee ever going back . . .this experience facilitated this change and it gave me accountability and support every week during a challenging time.”

Vanessa, Real Estate Agent

Let’s be great in 2024!

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